Death is equity which doesn’t matter the nationality, language, gender or other features. It is the only fair thing we all have in common. It doesn’t have prejudice because everybody is equal in front of death. It is a taboo, unspoken mystery hidden behind uneasy glares. In collaboration with the funeral home «Junimond Bestattungen.» We have tried to make a baby step towards death awareness. Death has its beauty, but the pain of losing someone is inevitable. However, knowing what is behind the door, at least on the human physical treating level, makes it simpler to talk and access this unapproachable topic. The conversation is already there. That’s just a tiny piece to give weight more often an abstract discussion to something more tangible. The intentions weren’t to abuse, insult or make fun of the topic or people involved. On the contrary, every step was taken with the most profound consideration and deepest respect.
Theoretical material explored the perception of death in modernity in Western cultures and the application of semiotics in search of “death” signs.

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