Project is done on dragging attention to the environmental problem we are facing on.
This project is based on the desire to appeal to the urgent problem of humanity and this is plastic. We all, living things, will die and decompose, but the plastic will remain. And this problem was realized only recently when humanity was already firmly mired in a plastic "trap". In the photo project, human flesh is an impersonal description of all humanity, as for the desire to display nudity to show an image of pure nature, and as for the choice of model,  it was based on the personification of woman as the image of "mother nature", who died in the spider trap of an environmental disaster, as if the victim is inexorably approaching its end. One of the sad but significant facts is that the oceans are taking the brunt of plastic pollution. Following the aquatic theory, which says that all living beings "came out" of the water, and later humans trace their origin to a hypothetical Primate ancestor who came out of the water and lived on the shore. At the visual and psychological levels, this leads to the idea of killing the mother, because psychologically, the average person with a relatively generally accepted normal psyche, at the sight of a "dead" woman wrapped in plastic, subconsciously arose an associative image of violence against a woman, which as a result will push to the first established image of the mother and cause negative feelings and emotions, in most cases. Symbols that are linked together and hidden in a photograph are a visual language that is able to" speak "to the viewer at the level of the viewer's cultural base, based on their basic experience, which, if properly presented with a dramatic narrative hidden in a visual story, can become a trigger for" laid " actions, in response to hidden manipulative signals. The brain doesn't see the difference between reality and imagination.  Photography or any other visual media is not a reflection of the truth, and what is "reality" and "imagination" are controversial concepts. Where is the line? The brain reacts equally to everything it processes on a daily basis. In this sense, there is no difference between objective reality and fantasy for this purpose. While viewing, for example, a photo series or reading, the brain activates the same areas as when actually living in different situations. Of course, everything depends on the level of empathy, clarity of the idea and the cultural and national, age-related experience of the viewer. This may lead to ambiguity of judgment. On the one hand, this can confuse the original idea, on the other hand, the freedom of interpretation brings interactivity, and also gives special significance to the personal "I" of the viewer, which adds interest and value in the eyes of the viewer, and also "warms" the ego to some extent. In the case of this project, it is a desperate call to action, because this is another through a thread of the narrative that the viewer sees "what was, what is happening now, and what is inexorably waiting for in the future".
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